What Do You Take With You When You Go Out Antiquing?

Mitzi and I have already shared our lists, but this promotional video from Collectors Quest (where I still write) has some interesting ideas! What do you bring? …And while we’re at it, what do you wear?

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Deanna is the founder of Inherited Values, among other sites. She is also an antique dealer.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Take With You When You Go Out Antiquing?”

  1. Cute video! I bring along all those items (minus the Spam, turkey baster and rubber chicken), but in more portable sizes. Magnifying glass goes around my neck (the metal one is prettier, but the plastic one is light/comfy). I wear something with back pockets (skirt or jeans) so I can keep my smartphone handy (camera and research tool), with belt loops to clip on my keys (which always has my 3′ tape measure attached). Purse is a backpack style so hands are free, and long hair is pulled up so it doesn’t fall in my face every time I bend forward to look into a jewelry case.

  2. Oh wow- that’s some good ideas! I just bring my cell phone, iPad, and wear jeans and comfy shoes when I go antiquing…. and I try not to forget cash- lol.

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