About Deanna Dahlsad

collectibles-author-deanna-dahlsad-aka-pop-tartAbout Inherited Values founder and author Deanna Dahlsad:

My collecting began years ago, following my parents and extended family from rummage sale to rummage sale, flea market to auction, antique shop to antique mall.

As a kid I learned how to evaluate and appreciate “old used junk,” and how to turn my unwanted stuff into cash by selling it at rummage sales — which lead to painful lessons as a young adult that a kid ought not to sell everything because eventually you will want it back (and you’ll have to pay higher prices to do so!)

Since then, I’ve not only learned more, found more, bought more, dusted more (eh, maybe not…), but my passion, delight, and obsession for collecting has grown too.

I dabble a bit in online sales, here & there, now & then; but mainly I just love to write and talk about collectibles and the merits of collecting…

I’m a paid columnist at Collectors’ Quest (my columns and my profile in the CQ Community) and runs Kitsch Slapped.

I’ve been featured in in Collectors News and interviewed on The Ephemera Show. I’ve presented at the Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) and Mountain-Plains Museums Association (MPMA) Joint Annual Conference in 2008 (Museums & Web 2.0: Slaying Dragons or Titlting at Windmills? Blogs, YouTube, MySpace – Using Social Networks for Museums) and am a scheduled presenter at the Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention (February 20 and 21, 2010).

My objects are cooler than I am. Aside from appearing all over the Internets, items from my collection appear in such places as the Virtue, Vice, and Contraband: A History of Contraception in America exhibit at the Dittrick Medical History Center and Museum (at Case Western Reserve University) and at The Hingham Shipyard Historical Exhibit.

That’s the tip of the iceberg; you can read more and find additional links in my Google Profile.

As if that weren’t enough (her family sighed), I started Inherited Values because I wanted a place where I could, with other moms and pops in the biz, focus on and share the joys of collecting old things, specifically. And do it in a more nostalgic, personal, and (I hope) beguiling way.

  • Here the focus isn’t on money — because the only time price matters to a true collector is when she’s checking her wallet.
  • We won’t rehash the same old dry descriptions — because you don’t want to read them (and we don’t want to suffer through writing them!)
  • We won’t focus on new stuff — because there are plenty of sites being driven by those deep pockets.
  • We won’t make the usual comments about conditions — because collectors at all levels know that stuff.

As the site tagline says, we don’t do antiques and vintage collectibles by the book here!

We do, however, aim to assist antiques and vintage collectibles, be they handed down to you or the heirlooms you’ll one day leave behind, in charming the proverbial pants off you.

And it’s my hope that you’ll dig it!

If you do, please find/follow me at Twitter and at Facebook. If you don’t and have something constructive to share — or you do dig it and just want to say so or suggest something — feel free to contact me via email at Deanna.Pop.Tart@gmail.com.

PS I am married to Derek Dahlsad.

PPS In case you didn’t notice already, I can be long-winded, verbose, and ramble on a bit…