Inherited Values speaks to collectors of antiques and vintage collectibles as well as those who have an affinity for the personal & cultural stories of objects.

This is not a site about “how much something is worth” * in the monetary sense; it’s about the values in the objects themselves.

We believe that what’s not naturally inherent to the object via construction, the object inherits culturally (through social or historical significance) and/or more personally (through individual memories and personal nostalgia).

However those values are obtained, defined or ascribed, we warmly celebrate them — as well as the sense of personal connection and nostalgia with the old objects in our lives.

Along with the living history and stories connected to objects, we also place great value on the passionate pursuit of objects, otherwise known as the “hobby of collecting.” (In other words, it may not have been left to you by grandma — but this stuff’s on it’s way to being an heirloom, so treat it with loving respect!)

If you want to read more sentimental prose on the site, read the founder’s bio page.

Who Makes This Site (Besides Readers Like You!)

Primarily the authors of Inherited Values are dealers of antiques and collectibles, as these are the professionals who are in the business of matchmaking. Find out more about them:

Deanna Dahlsad, Founder & Editor
Laura Brown, Editor
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Derek Dahlsad, Author

Business Values:

No Payola: Inherited Values does not accept paid posts, i.e. money or product for posting articles. Please do not ask us about paid postings. Instead consider our advertising options and/or review policy. (If you’re a dealer with a tight promotional budget, why not consider joining us and write for Inherited Values?)

Reviews: Inherited Values does accept product for review, so long as the products are related to antiques and vintage collectibles. When we accept review product we will provide our usual honest, thoughtful reviews — and only honest, thoughtful reviews. And we will disclose in any review in which the product was sent free for review purposes just who sent it for that purpose.

Affiliate Links: Inherited Values uses affiliate programs, links which may result in earning a small fee &/or percentage of any sales obtained from readers who click on the links and make a purchase. These links do not raise the prices you pay, nor do they cost you anything for clicking them and looking. Please consider any fees earned as small tips — a way of thanking those who assist you in finding the specific items, products, &/or services you might be looking for. Thank you.

Appraisals: At Inherited Values we won’t appraise or provide monetary values for your antiques and collectibles; if you’re a new dealer, have an estate full of items to sell, or have found something cool in the attic and you want to know the price to sell it for, we recommend spending the time researching by visiting your local antique shops and searching past online sales for prices realized.

(If you don’t have the patience for such diligence, try PriceMiner. For as little as $9.95 a month, you’ll have access to data from leading sites for Art, Antiques and Collectibles sales — as in the final bids and sales values on millions of items.)

For more on our business values, see our other about pages on copyright and content usage and our privacy policy.

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