Oddities: San Francisco – A Case Of East Village Meets West Coast Style

It was only a matter of time until Oddities had a spin-off; it’s hard to go anywhere in this business and not hear someone talking about the show, see the increased sales of “creepy”. But for fans of Loved To Death, who has had a great online presence for years (at least longer and, sadly, better than Obscura), the launch of Oddities: San Francisco seems overdue.


Like the original series on Discovery’s Science channel, Oddities: San Francisco focuses on the staff and customers of a shop selling old curiosities, medical and biological oddities, and the decadently obscure. The San Fransisco shop is located at the heart of Haight Street. It is owned and run by artist Audra Kunkle (center in photo), who makes the charmingly freaky taxidermy dioramas and jewelry in her upstairs studio. (Which, viewers will note, must be where she appears ascending from when another staff member calls her to the store.) Other Loved To Death staff on the show are goth model and “brainiac” Wednesday Mourning (left) and well-tattooed “stock boy” Korrie Sabatini (right).

If you haven’t noticed by now, these three look far more like the stereotypical “types of folks” who would make, buy, and sell this stuff. Or maybe they just look like stereotypical Californians? *wink*

It may not be entirely fair to compare the Oddities shows or staff… It somehow seems personal or negative. But that’s not my intention; and let’s face it, spin-offs are compared to the originals. In such a comparison, the new Oddities fares well. It captures the same interests and fascinations, yet is different enough, in staff and objects, to not seem like exactly the same thing. Both series are produced by Leftfield Pictures, so it’s not surprising the same successful formula would be used, right down to street and sideshow performances (and the rather annoying too-frequent recaps of stuff that happened in the same episode). In short, if you love the New York Oddities, you’ll love Oddities: San Fransisco.

Episodes of Oddities: San Francisco air, in back-to-back pairs, every Saturday night at 9PM ET/PT throughout the rest of the summer. I will be watching.

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3 thoughts on “Oddities: San Francisco – A Case Of East Village Meets West Coast Style”

  1. The spin off really makes me sad. While I didn’t care for the scripted/stilted nature of the show, I liked its relative uniqueness. Having a spinoff defeats that uniqueness.

    If I see another commercial with Audra doing that extremely annoying valley-girl-cadenced description of what dioramas are or the taxidermy twist she adds, I might lose my mind.

    Diorama?… is a three-dimensional model?… of a real or fictional scene.
    I specialize in anthropomorphic?…taxidermy? dioramas?

    Arrrgh. And the commercial is repeated again and again and again. Makes me want to stop watching the science channel altogether.

  2. I love both shows! I am a west coast ghoul and I wouldn’t have discovered Loved to Death if I hadn’t been an Oddities fan. I wish the store great success!

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