Some of Them are Real Knobs

Typically, you grab the knob, turn it to open the door and step inside. How many doorknobs have you had in your hand and not really noticed them at all?  I like the unique, decadent doorknobs made of crystal, glass and metals. I’ve seen especially nice brass doorknobs in Creemore, Ontario.

If you look for antique or vintage doorknobs online you will find yourself pulling up a lot of salvage sites. As an explorer of old and abandoned homes I’m not quite happy about salvage companies/ people who basically find old houses so they can rob them and then sell their stolen good for a lot of money. While I may cross the line and fall into trespassing on property to get photos, I don’t harvest, remove or take away anything from inside the house. I usually don’t even go inside of them at all. “Take only photos; leave only footsteps” is the basic rule for urban and rural explorers.

There are a lot of places that sell salvaged hardware from old houses. I don’t think you can ever know if they come by the hardware legitimately or not. It’s a shame because the old doorknobs are so glamorous and decadent, very hard to resist. Some modern hardware is designed to replicate the old. This seems a better option to me. Or, there are artists who work with glass, brass and other materials. I’m sure you could commission a truly unique, glamorous and decadent doorknob. It may not be old but it could be even better, designed to your own style.

Flickr: Glass Doorknobs

Flickr: Doorknobs and Doorhandles

Flickr: Knobs and Handles

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2 thoughts on “Some of Them are Real Knobs”

  1. Hi,
    We also like the old glass, brass, and even metal doorknobs and hardware.
    IN fact we specialize in selling these too.
    you can see many salvaged items here.
    in fact, all are from ONtario.

    I will say we have never stolen a knob in our history, nor ever plan to.
    When we are asked to come in and purchase the contents of old houses set for demolition, when we are brought in old hardware from people clearing out their garages or renovating houses… when we are offered these items we purchase them, with a receipt from the seller, with identification.
    We’ve done it that way for many years.

    Your article tends to paint resellers as theives.
    A very broad stroke, and a classless one.

    I suggest you try asking the resellers WHERE they receive their stock when purchasing salvaged goods, most will be happy to answer.

    Do I take offence at this article, you betcha

    Green Spot Antiques.

  2. Vince, I have had salvagers ask me to give them directions to abandoned properties. I have had others who ask for information and lie about their intentions. I try to look into anyone asking for locations but I am not omnipotent. I wrote this based on my own personal experience. You can’t change that whether it offends you or not.

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