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The rocking horse I remember from when we were kids was not the typical vintage, wooden horse. Ours was plastic, set on a frame with four big springs holding it to the frame and giving it all the bounce it needed. I can remember the sound the springs made as it bounced and rocked back and forth and side to side, once you really got going.

I didn’t find anyone collecting that plastic rocking horse. Maybe there is a line between what is vintage and what is antique and some things (like rocking horses) don’t become valued until they are old enough to be antiques. Kind of a shame. Now that I’ve got thinking about the rocking horse I miss the sound of those squeaking springs as they stretched back and forth. Then the hollow sound the plastic horse made when the littler kids were on it, their legs flopping around while we kept them from flying off.

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A very modern rocking horse from the Boing Boing site.


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  1. I was kind of thinking of getting a spring type rocking horse, a bigger one that it is. My aunt and uncle have a couple of relitives with a family. Anyway, their kids have a bigger size spring rocking horse. Im thinking, when they want to sell it, I may buy it from them. All I’d have to do is buy larger springs for it, and I should be able to use it. I think the horse is big enough for a lightweight adult, also, besides smaller kids. I had a spring horse when I was little, but “that” one was child size.

  2. I guess the rocking horse was gotten rid of after it broke. This is according to my last article. The people on my aunts’ & uncles’ side of the family, used to have the horse. It was their kids actually.

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