(Cookie) Cuttin’ It Up With Tom & Jerry

Seventy years ago — long before Itchy & Scratchy appeared on the Krusty the Clown Show on The Simpsons — there was Tom & Jerry.

The series of animated theatrical shorts was created for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer by Hanna and Barbera. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera ultimately wrote and directed one hundred and fourteen Tom and Jerry cartoons (and earned seven Academy Awards for Best Short Subject, Cartoons) for the MGM cartoon studio in Hollywood between 1940 and 1959, when the animation unit was closed. Tom & Jerry would live on, however, with different animators and studios before returning home to Hanna & Barbera.

The incredible popularity of the never-ending cat and mouse games between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse produced these red plastic cookie cutters by Lowe.

Along with the heads of Tom and Jerry, I also have Barney Bear, Droopy Dog, and a full body cookie cutter of Jerry.

These particular cookie cutters, , marked with a copyright date of 1956, are made of a sheer red hard plastic — but the series was also available in green.

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  1. I have some of these cookie cutters too, a keepsake from my childhood when my mother used them to make sugar cookies for us. Although our Droopy Dog and full-body Jerry have gotten lost over the years, I still have Tom and Jerry and Barney Bear. I also have a cookie cutter of a little chick that I was wondering if you might know what the name is. It has “Loew’s Incorporated 1956” on it like the other ones do.

  2. HI, I have a set of the cookie cutters but, I have Dinky Duck not Droopy dog. I have had these since I was a Kid. I was surprized when I came across these on another site and saw the price . Just wanted to reach out and tell you I have a set. Penny

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