Vintage Illustrated Lingerie Boxes

Just a few examples of vintage lingerie packaging with great graphics seen recently on eBay. Lingerie blogger, A Slip Of A Girl, has written a post about why she collects vintage lingerie illustrations.

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Vintage Glamorise bra box via 54closet.

Vintage Jantzen girdle box via klamms3.

Vintage Cleopatra Goddess long-line bra via crazygregs.

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Deanna is the founder of Inherited Values, among other sites. She is also an antique dealer.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Illustrated Lingerie Boxes”

  1. Hi my mother gave to me a tudorose box with 4 pairs of unsed still sealed stockings size 9 there is also a proof of sale with the date 1953 which was coronation year i was just wondering if they are worth hanging on to or best to sell now why vintage is in ? your help in this matter would be much appreciated .

  2. Hi Sallyann,

    It’s difficult to predict the future trends and interests, but vintage stockings are quite popular right now what with Mad Men and fashion styles today that have vintage style. If you don’t want to wear or them — and don’t think you’ll miss them later — I’d say now is a good time. 🙂

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