My First Storage Auction

It’s easy today to snap photos anywhere and everywhere with virtually any cell phone, but keeping track of them is no different than those old rolls of film… My surprise today at discovering these photos taken at a storage auction we went to here in Fargo last fall was akin to getting a roll of film back and going, “Oh, yeah, I remember that!”

What I’ve yet to find, however, was the flyer from the auction which read “Storage Wars,” as if it was somehow affiliated with the TV show. The sign outside the storage unit compound said the same, but I didn’t take a photograph of that. But this auction wasn’t affiliated with the show at all. (However, Barry Weiss was here recently.)

As expected, the auction was packed. And, as the regulars told us, it was “full of people who thought they could get rich because they’d seen the shows.”

Disgruntled regular storage auction bidders aside, we had a good time. Even if we never bid, it was beautiful, if chilly, weather and it was my first time at a storage auction. After watching the shows, there were no surprises. Things are hard to see and even my TV-trained eyes were just guessing. (Who can see inside or behind cardboard boxes?) Frankly, I was rather overwhelmed. But then I felt that way at my first live auction too.

The only unit I could see inside quite clearly was a “sportsman’s unit,” full of used fishing stuff. And boxes of DVDs and videos. Adult DVDs and videos. But even that went past the price of what those can sell for. *wink* But we’ll go again. And again. You just never know…

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