Love Is…

You never know what you will find when you browse around at the thrift store. Do you remember the Love Is… couple?

This glass had a stem and base. I wondered if it came with flowers originally. It would suit flowers for the bride. I’m only guessing, but it would have been a very nice way to send flowers to the bride-to-be, or to propose with flowers in a glass vase like this.

I remember this Love Is.. couple. At one point I even wrote my own list of Love is… sayings in my diary for them. I ended up with a pretty good list but not all of them were winners. I didn’t have the courage to send them in then, I was just a kid, what did I know about love, romance or relationships. Of course now I’d disagree. I think kids can know a lot about love and relationships (not every relationship is about physical love). To me it seems this is one of the things we can see in the Love Is… couple. They have love with affection and real thought for each other’s wants and needs.

The Love Is… drawings were created by New Zealand artist, Kim Grove, as a series of love notes in the late 1960’s for Roberto Casali. They later married but Roberto became ill with terminal cancer and Kim stopped working on the cartoons in 1975. Roberto died in 1976.

Since 1975 the cartoons have been drawn by Bill Asprey.

The Official website. The site kept by Bill Asprey also has the comic strip.

A collection of Love Is… from a fan.

Another Love Is… collection.

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