One Eye Green, the Other Eye Red

I went to a movie with my nephew, Zack. As we went in we were each given a pair of 3D glasses. I cringed. I’ve worn them for movies before, in the 1980’s and once for a cartoon sort of thing in the 1970’s. They were painful. Not just my eyes which watered and burned but the headache I was left with.  So I was not keen on another 3D experience, not even for Jack Sparrow himself!

This time I was surprised. The glasses were better made, not cardboard with one lens green and the other red. They could easily be mistaken for sunglasses. I did have to wear them over my own eyeglasses but that wasn’t really a problem.

Someone has designed a much better pair of glasses for watching 3D movies. I even kept them after the movie, though almost everyone seemed to be tossing them into the receptacle provided. Zack didn’t keep his. I think people just didn’t have the appreciation for them which I did. To me, they were a miracle in comparison to the old 3D movie glasses.

Kids at the Bar: Collecting 3D glasses from around the world.

Kevin Baird’s photo of a small collection of 3D glasses.

Etsy: Mylittlethriftstore has 3D glasses from the 1980’s for sale.

I read about the idea of 3D in Wikipedia, stereoscopy. If you really want to get into stereoscopy look up the International Stereoscopic Union.

eHow: History of 3D Glasses:

Anaglyph images were invented in the 1853 by Wilhelm Rollmann.. The lenses in anaglyph 3D glasses were typically red and green until the 1970s, when manufacturers began using red and cyan lenses.

Flickr: 3D Glasses are Dope – Share photos of your 3D glasses or people wearing them.

Technabob: Dolby Shows Off Ugliest 3D Glasses in History– These 3D glasses were made for collectors I think. You can buy them (they aren’t meant to be disposable and returned at the end of the movie) but if you try to walk out with them alarms will go off. Would you buy a pair or reuse those offered at the movie theatre, like a pair of bowling shoes?

You can make your own 3D glasses at home.

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