Vintage Standard Doll Co. Catalog Pages

I don’t only dig through stacks of old magazines and papers; I go through them, page by page. How else would I find this page listing Virginia Lakin publications? (More scans from that booklet here.)

Found inside this 1977 Standard Doll Co. catalog, along with this page of Kate Greenaway postcards, miniature patterns, dollhouse items, etc..

Vintage catalogs are great ways to help date and identify what you have — and identify other items you need for your collection. *wink*

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Standard Doll Co. Catalog Pages”

  1. how do I get some of dolls that you used to make and patterens as I am tryng to star making some again.

  2. I would like your phone number as I am looking for other doll supplies such as shoes and socks to repair dolls

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