Vintage Beauty & Cosmetic Tips Explain Vanity Collectible Conditions

More things for collectors to learn from that 1940’s Hint Hunt booklet — this time the tips could explain some condition issues you find with vintage vanity collectibles.  These vintage beauty and cosmetic tips explain why you might just spot pinholes in powder boxes and find beads in perfume bottles.

For me, such pin pricks and beads are the tangible evidence of the intimacy of these old items… Clues to the connections between decades, even centuries, of women who desire both beauty and practicality.

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Deanna is the founder of Inherited Values, among other sites. She is also an antique dealer.

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  1. Hi Deanna , I have a make up case full of M. Stein theatrical makeup.. not sure of the age . I was wondering is you knew the history and value of all of this . -and even the year. Looks so old! Sincerely, Christine Fielders . Cafielders@

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