Bedroom Inspiration From Vintage Photo

All I really know about this image is that the lady is Mrs. Louis Bromfield, that the photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1942 — and that I love that headboard!

The headboard appears to be hand painted or, if fabric, embroidered with the titles of her husband’s books. What a lovely idea! …If not your book titles, why not the names of your children, special dates, etc.?

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2 thoughts on “Bedroom Inspiration From Vintage Photo”

  1. I found your post through a Google search about Louis Bromfield. I thought I might share a bit about the photo above. It is Mrs. Bromfield. Her husband was Pulitzer Prize winning author, Louis Bromfield. This photo is taken from her bedroom at Malabar Farm. This is now a State park in Lucas, Ohio and you can still see this bed there. Those are the titles of her husband’s books on the headboard. Mr. Bromfield had an artist paint this headboard for his wife. It’s lovely when seen in the pastel colors of real life, too. A little trivia: Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were married at Malabar Farm because of their friendship with Bromfield. He wrote scripts for Hollywood. Thanks for posting this photo–it’s wonderful!

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