Do You Believe in Haunted Toys?

I’ve read about haunted toys, as a concept, before. Each time I just think – how gullible are these people? How badly do they want to believe in ghosts, spirits and hauntings? I don’t believe you see, not to the point of overlooking common sense.

I do think there are ghosts, of some sort. Feelings and emotions left over from the past. Turbulence doesn’t just disappear because the cause of the disturbance has gone. It’s like having a huge fight with someone. You can feel it in the atmosphere.

But, I don’t think that’s all there is to the ghost thing. I don’t know exactly what I do believe. I haven’t quite pinned it down into so many little words. My Grandmother did see ghosts, her sister and her husband both appeared to her soon after they were gone. Gone in a permanent way, not just out of the room or out of town. Seeing ghosts scared her. Me too. I don’t trust them all to be benevolent or casual or just want to come over for tea and a chat. So, like my Grandmother before me, I picked a day and spoke out loud and told everything (whatever everything is) that I don’t want to see ghosts. My Grandmother was told to do this by a psychic and she said it worked for her. She stopped seeing anything once she clearly said she did not want to see anything, of that sort.

Anyway, the idea of haunted toys annoys me. Why take something simple and kind of innocent and turn it into something frightening?

When I watch the ghost hunting shows I can see through almost everything they do. I understand the difficulties with proving the existence of ghosts when others are watching and the people filming can’t show they really didn’t cause the camera to shake or prove they really do feel a cold air pocket. But, it seems to look so phony I just can’t take it very seriously. It seems scripted, pre-planned.

So I don’t believe in haunted toys. I don’t believe children who have died would hang around an old toy and try to harm people or scare them with it. Children aren’t like that, except in movies.

One good thing about the haunted toy thing, it’s a great way to bump up the value of vintage toys. If you can show the toy as haunted… the interest in having the toy (even if just to prove or disprove the ghostly haunting) will help to sell it and sell it for a bigger price. Which just throws more doubt on the concept of haunted toys.

What do you believe? Have you had a haunted toy? Has an old doll given you the creeps? Do toys mysteriously move when you know no one and nothing is logically making them move?

I have felt creeped out by an old doll. I admit. But, I’m sure it was just my own doing. I let myself feel that way. It was based on nothing, just a suggestion by someone else. But, I can remember the feeling. I didn’t like it.

One interesting side note… the haunted toys all seem to be dolls. Co-incedence? Not likely.

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