The New Year for Pick & Grin The collecting Couple

Pick & Grin, The Collecting Couple, Ready For The New Year

Grin: With the holiday season ending, I look forward to peace and quiet for the next few months.

Pick: Good luck with that thought. We have two antique shows booked and we need to start setting aside the goods we want to sell. One is high-end antiques and the other we do well selling advertising items, collectibles and indoor décor.

Grin: They better not be during football playoffs.

Pick: Goooood LUCK WITH THAT THOUGHT TOO!!  Check it out, I have the calendar marked with every weekend filled with speciality collectibles shows for the next few months.

Grin: Indoor shows I hope?

Pick: Yes!! Smarty Pants, Even if the weather has been superior, they will all be indoors, but I might leave you out in the cold.

Most of these shows are annual events and once you attend one you can get on a mailing list for the next one. The speciality shows bring together collectors/dealers with a certain niche.

They include advertising, soda bottles, breweriana, sports collectibles, depression glass, toys, dolls, firearms shows, a Scale Auto, Hobby & Toy show, a Red Wing show and one called a rec-room show dealing with everything Retro 60s.

The advantage to these shows is their limited scope, where a collector can truly see the wide choices of items in their special category. For me, it’s an education, I want to see what interests collectors, what’s hot at the moment and what price things are currently going for. I talk to these dealers to ask about trends and the current condition of their market.

Grin: How did you get such a list and how many will you force me to attend?

Pick: Our newspaper carries advertising for most of these shows in the classified section and our auction paper has ads also. And of course, I check the the net for shows within driving distance. And once I attend that show, I always check for flyers from other promoters left at the entrance door.

Grin: Makes good sense! Let’s look at your list and the calender to see how many shows we can attend,

Pick: That a Boy, now you have the spirit of the New Year!



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Antiquips: We deserve each other, and enjoy the business of hunting, owning, displaying and selling antiques and collectibles. Pick started her No Egrets Antiques business with antique mall booth sales and has been selling on E-Bay for over 13 years. Grin is just the the hubby and pack mule. Their cottage home is the backdrop for the collections, and believe strongly that they need to be on display for their pleasure and the enjoyment of friends and quests. Many items are re-purposed, and used in a "not-intended" fashion. We continue to sell on several on-line sites and antique shows and flea markets.