The Charming Face & Feet Of An Antique Horsman Doll

This charming antique composition baby doll has a sawdust stuffed cloth body beneath the original stripped cloth outfit.

This 12 inch tall antique doll is identified by the EIH © 1911 mark on the  back of the neck.

One of the Horsman Can’t Break ‘Em character dolls, the head and face of this sweet antique baby doll was sculpted by Helen Fox Trowbridge in 1911 using her own one-year-old son, Mason Jr., as the model.

The first doll in the Horsman Gold Medal Baby series, this doll marks the first time that this mold was used.

Considering that this is a 100 year old doll, there are few condition issues.  The jointed legs are still flexible and move nicely, there’s some wear to the head.  On the right hand, a few of the fingertips are damaged. All signs that this baby was played with, but gently.  And that’s part of the charm.

What charms me the most this doll is that the sawdust-stuffed fabric covered feet show discoloration and some fraying — probably where a young child sucked the toes to comfort him or herself to sleep.  Literal sweet feet!

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