Trash-It-To-Me? You Bet Your Sweet Bippy

I love this vintage metalware trash can because it combines two of my favorite things: practical vintage metal wastebaskets and memories of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

Q: How much fun would it be to aim for the Sock-It-To-Me trash can?

A: It would be verrry interesting.

The seller of this specific trash can, Cashincollectibles, says the waste basket stands 14 inches tall (10 inches wide), dates from 1967, and was made by Chein Co. (J. Chein Co.).

You can look for more Laugh-In stuff on eBay too; I usually do. *wink*

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3 thoughts on “Trash-It-To-Me? You Bet Your Sweet Bippy”

  1. I’ve had one of these for a few years now, and I love it. One thing to watch for is rust in the bottom. I loved Laugh-In when I was a kid, and still do!

  2. Hi Uncle Atom,

    That comment about watching for rusty bottoms is for the waste can, and not collectors of a certain age, right? 😉

    You are right in either case, but there’s no such thing as TMI when discussing the condition of a collectible lol

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