Be A Reality-Show Collector!

Have you been collecting long enough and have decided you’re finally ready to make the move to television like everyone else?   There’s two casting calls out right now looking for people with a taste for old things.

First is an unusual venue:  VH1 wants people who collect pop culture, so you can finally justify to your mom that the 150 boxes of C3PO cereal in your closet are actually going to get you somewhere in life.  They’re just looking for people within driving distance of New York, so you’re outta luck, Mama’s Family freak from Sioux Falls.

The other is from the History Channel, looking for “energetic trademen, collectors, and restorers” to appear as guests on American Restoration.   They, too, say Las Vegas is the place to be, but they’ll put up with you if you’re willing to travel.  By “guests” my guess is they’re looking for people to pose as clients, as other shows by Leftfield may not be completely truthful, but, hey, what do you care – you’ll be on TV!