Mysterious Book-Box

The office manager at work called me into her office after lunch today: she handed me this little “book”, and I opened it:

amy-book-box-1Turns out it isn’t a book at all —


— and inside is an accordion-folded strip, with numbers on each ‘fold’:

amy-book-box-3They’re only numbered on one side — 6, 7, 8, then “5 TO 10”, whatever that means.   Between the “In Fond Remembrance” on the spine, the bird’s-nest inside, and the numbering system, I’m baffled as to what its original purpose is.  The whole thing is tiny — maybe 2″ x 1″ x 1/2″ altogether, like two matchboxes stacked.  Anyone out there in Internetland seen this before?




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Derek Dahlsad, husband of Deanna, is a collector of many things, with some expertise in coins and postage stamps. He also writes for the Prairie Public program "Dakota Datebook".

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Book-Box”

  1. Carol, that’s a lot like it, thanks! Do you think maybe the numbers on the one we share are perhaps needle size numbers?

  2. Yes, I meant to say the same thing about the needle sizes. It’s been a long time since I handled a needle and thread, so I’m not positive that’s the numbering “system” for needles. A quick search should verify.

  3. Oh, I also meant to ask what the number tags are made of and if the pages are covered with fabric. I’m thinking since yours doesn’t have the pockets, the needles are probably meant to be attached to the actual page in some fashion – through the fabric, or maybe into the number tags if they are foam or something pincushion-like.

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