vintage milwaukee department store collectibles

Vintage Milwaukee Department Store Collectibles: Boston Store Cloth Patch, Schuster’s Stamp Book, Gimbles * Schuster’s Hat Box

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  1. Hi Nick,

    Schuster’s hats would have some value — primarily as the label would be an indicator of age & quality. However, the Schuster’s name does not have the same collecting cachet of say, Schiaparelli. Which means the main value of the hats would be in their style; with Schuster’s being a secondary possible cross-collecting value. At Inherited Values, we won’t appraise or give you values. However, I do offer my personal services, for a fee, here. Sorry, but there’s just not enough time to help everyone for free. We also recommend using PriceMiner. FYI, you can learn more about appraisals here.

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