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  1. Heather,
    Thank you for following us at Inherited Values
    We have had the good fortune finding many sad irons over the years of many styles. The handle is an issue but can be solved with a replacement new or with great luck a suitable one from a cheaply made kettle old kettle or pot.
    We are not appraisers so my advice is worth little in the market place, but if it were mine I would ask in the range or $50-65 depending on all condition issues. with a replacement handle of proper age I would ask in the area of $60-80. We have sold several styles and sizes and have received good prices for ours, selling at antique shows and on the internet.

    Over time I’m starting to learn which are the most common styles and what seems to be rare. If a makers mark or casting mark is on the iron it adds to the value. I have had one gas fired sad iron and have never seen another, it looked very dangerous. The coal or wood heated ones like ours shown are more common. The style with a trap door in back held a iron slug that was heated on or in a stove or hearth and placed inside the brass body. Collectors of that style want to have the slug included.

    Dean (Grin)

  2. I have the same iron except it doesn’t have the holes (openings) on the bottom area….any info on it

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